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Dates Set for Completion of Facilities

With construction on both the Wasserman Football Center and Mo Ostin Basketball Center well underway, the UCLA Athletic Department is pleased to announce an estimated completion date for each project, as well as an update on fundraising.

The Wasserman Football Center, the future on-campus training and practice hub for UCLA Football, is currently on-schedule to open by the end of summer 2017 – less than four years after the UCLA Athletic Department announced a campaign to raise private funds for the comprehensive football training facility in fall 2013. Named the Wasserman Football Center not long after the campaign’s inception in tribute to generous support from The Wasserman Foundation and its President...

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The new Wasserman Football Center will be a multi-level structure located at the west end of Spaulding Field. Highlights of the new building design include:

  • Grand Entryway with Prominent Displays and Tribute Space Honoring Current and Former UCLA Football Student-Athletes
  • Football-Specific Strength and Conditioning Center and Training Rooms
  • State-of-the-Art Locker Room and Players’ Lounge
  • Recruiting Lounge and Outdoor Terrace
  • Brand New Equipment Room
  • Coaches’ Offices
  • Spacious Team Meeting Rooms



Players will have unrestricted access to state-of-the art, football-specific equipment and training. For the first time, their strength training facility will be adjacent to their practice field. Student-athletes will have their own lounge and meeting spaces where they can build camaraderie and trust. Similarly, the coaches’ offices will be upgraded, near each other, and adjacent to the players’ facilities.

Such improvements will drive recruiting and retention of both players and coaches. Building on Coach Mora’s success these past three seasons, the planned construction will raise the caliber of the football team’s operational structure to match that of the players and the individuals who support, train and lead them.


This project ultimately benefits several athletic programs, the UCLA student body, campus recreation and the university as a whole. With the support of UCLA Football Alumni, Fans and Friends alike, the future of UCLA Football will be as prominent as its past.

Jim Mora

“UCLA is a special place for student-athletes to compete and pursue their dreams. To be able to add a football facility that will help us with player development and growth is simply fantastic. There is so much history here and so many incredible players and moments to celebrate. I love the challenge to get after this, and I know our donors will step up. Chancellor Block and Dan Guerrero have shown tremendous support for this athletic program and for our football team. We talk a lot about family within our program, and now, we need the entire UCLA family to join us on this endeavor. I can’t wait to get this effort underway.”

Dan Guerrero

“This is an exciting project that will continue to propel UCLA football forward by allowing our coaches and student-athletes to teach, learn and develop in a state-of-the-art facility. We are working alongside our campus facility team to create a complex which compliments Jim’s vision for our football program. The timing of the project is dependent upon the generosity of those who come forward to support the effort. We have seen time and again Bruin alumni and friends change our future, allowing our programs to thrive, and I am confident our supporters will answer the call.”